How To Go Pro Playing Paintball

What is speedball paintball?

If you have actually played a few games of paintball as well as are starting to think that this is something you may wish to make a living out of … then I have actually got large news for you.

Possibilities are, you’ve not been playing the appropriate game.

Most paintball areas offer a kind of paintball referred to as ‘woodsball‘. In woodsball, players go head-to-head in a forest or an additional comparable style environment. Woodsball is a fantastic game and also a great deal of fun, but for a variety of reasons the pros do not truly play woodsball … they play speedball.

Speedball is a different version of paintball that is used as a much smaller area that is occupied with inflatable objects known as ‘shelters’. Speedball usually plays much faster than woodsball, thus the name. Experts play speedball because the areas tend to be symmetrical, implying that no person side has an advantage over the other. The smaller sized size of the field additionally implies that umpires can keep a more detailed eye on the game and make certain absolutely nothing shady happens. Get a good paintball gun from Lastly, and probably most significantly, speedball is better for spectators as they can stand around the field (secured by netting) and also get a great lengthy take a look at the activity.

If you have actually never ever played speedball previously, after that you have not played the variation of paintball that the experts typically play. Woodsball is a great deal of enjoyable … but if you intend to play with the pros, you’ll have to learn exactly how to play speedball.

Exactly how to discover a paintball group?

Once you have actually dipped your toe right into the world of speedball, you’ll require to find a paintball team that you can have fun with often.

Your best bet is most likely to try to find an existing group that is seeking a new member. Try browsing the preferred paintball discussion forums to see if there is a viable paintball team in need near you. is most likely the biggest paintball online forum for UK players and is most likely your best option. p8baller-forums. com is an additional good alternative with an active user-base. is much more often made use of for dealing gear, but could also be an excellent place to discover paintball people from your local neighborhood. may be the greatest of the lot however has a mostly US-based target market.

Just how to start a paintball team?

Not having any luck being approved onto a group? Don’t surrender. You can start your own paintball team with a couple of like-minded gamers. You never know, you could be world beaters eventually. All you need to do is discover some players, think of a team name and also begin to enter tournaments. It helps to practice with some paintball drills also.

The most vital point, to begin with, is having a steady group. This suggests that the exact same 5 guys or ladies play paintball with each other each time, for practice and also competitions, as well as can get along with each other. Skills will certainly come later on. While skill is preferable (to a level) players that are much better than the rest of your group are likely to merely leave for a much better group– or come to be resentful that you are “holding them back”. It’s much better to have a group that can grow with each other as well as actually find out exactly how to play off each other’s stamina as well as weak points.

How much do professional paintball players make?

No one plays paintball to get rich. Also, the absolute best paintball players will likely not make a substantial amount of cash from paintballing alone– as well as being among the best is extremely hard. While the best expert paintball players do have a wage and make some suitable cash from tournament profits and also sponsorships, a lot of them likewise operate in the paintball market in some way to supplement their earnings.

Naturally, you do not need to be a professional player to make a living from paintball. Paintball requires all types, including visuals designers, accounting professionals, company owners, designers right the method via to marshals at your local area … and also even paintball bullet testers. Finest thing to do is to do what you delight in. If you delight in working a regular work and also playing paintball as a weekend break warrior, go all out!